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lay the cards down

(and i'll tell you the future)

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CrazyAce: Is this thing working?

PokerFace: How am I supposed to know? (shrugs noncommittally)

CrazyAce: Whatever…Anyways, hi! Welcome to our joint account’s wonderfully awesome journal! (Yes, we are two separate people with two separate bodies, not one person w/multiple personality disorder.) I am CrazyAce (or just Ace here on LJ since our original user name from FF.net was too long. T.T), age 17 and female, and this is PokerFace, age 15 and male. We also happen to be siblings and the best of friends. Hopefully, you got to this page on purpose and not by accident, but if aliens happened to hijack your computer and led you here unwillingly, we sincerely apologize but deny any liability. In any case, we’re glad you stopped by.

PokerFace: (nods in agreement)

CrazyAce: As you can see, I’m the verbal one in this relationship, so I’ll be running the show and writing most of the entries and comments. (I also wrote most of this profile (...? Is that what they call it here?) so do not assume that my brother is as fangirly as I am.) And just so you know, we're mainly here for the fanfics and the pretty, pretty fanart, so anything original from us (besides random entries and rants and stuff) would be rare. Alrighties! Any questions? Comments? Concerns? No? Then…PokerFace?

PokerFace: Hn?

CrazyAce: Are we ready for lift-off?

PokerFace: Yes. (fiddles with plane controls)

CrazyAce: OKAY! Then this is CrazyAce’n’PokerFace, signing OFF!

(fighter plane flies into the distance, ready to bomb imaginations everywhere)


Our Preferences Reference

We tend to avoid stories with bad grammar (spelling is negligible, but preferably good), character bashing, too much OOCness, and couples that we do not support (yes, terrible and biased, we know, but we’re not changing any time soon, so get used to it). We do not read yaoi or yuri unless the characters themselves are actually gay, but even then we steer clear of explicit...descriptions, shall we say? We also avoid cross-overs, but that’s because it’s hard enough keeping track of characters in one world without adding elements from a completely different universe. However, since we know that it’s nearly impossible to find stories that meet all of our lofty requests, we’ll also mention that we appreciate any work that is well-written and creative. We also stand by the belief that flames are for toasting marshmallows, and we adore and respect any author on this site (and several others) for having the guts to publish their stories and generally contribute to the awesomeness that is fanfictiondom. That said, if anyone is offended by this paragraph, we sincerely apologize, as that is not our intention, and if you are still disgruntled, oh, well. Have a nice day anyway and be sure to take a lollipop on your way out of the appointment room. Thank you. :)


Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Skip Beat!, Kimi ni Todoke, D.Gray-man, Full Metal Alchemist, Tower of God, Claymore, 07 Ghost, Bakuman, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Witch Hunter, Yozakura Quartet, The Breaker, Psyren, Nabari no Ou, Defense Devil, Black Cat, Lovely Complex, Amatsuki, Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, Kekkaishi, 666 Satan, Cyboy, Nurarihyon no Mago, Pandora Hearts, Dengeki Daisy, Ashita no Ousama, Beelzebub, Spiral, Prince of Tennis, Ares, Area no Kishi, Crimson Hero, Hana Kimi, Perfect Girl Evolution, Ouran High School Host Club, Beauty Pop, Cherry Juice, Metamo Kiss, Vampire Knight, Rave, MARS, Saiyuki, Chrono Crusade, Otomen, Mixed Vegetables, Tsubasa, xxxHolic, Cardcaptor Sakura, Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, Kuroshitsuji, Kill Me Kiss Me, 1/2 Prince, and…a whole bunch of other stuff. Please note that these titles are in no particular order, and that we have not read all of them in their entirety. Also, some of these appear only on CrazyAce’s faves list, and some only on PokerFace’s, but we were too lazy to make two separate ones, and besides, we both love most of the same series anyway. :)

Books We Read:

This list would actually make up a book itself, so we’ll just say that we are dedicated bibliophiles, and that if you’ve read something, we probably have, too. Or at the very least heard of it. So feel free to talk to us about anything from fantasy novels to mythological legends. :D


Pairings We Support:

Bleach Faves:

IchiHime (For more than five lifetimes)

RenjiRuki (too perfect for words)

HitsuKarin (SO CUTE!)

IshiNemu (nerds unite!)

GrimmNel (sexiness to the extreme)

*It’s not that we hate IchiRuki; we’d be fine if it happened. We actually liked that couple better in the beginning of the series…but then we met Renji and decided that he totally deserved Rukia…and Orihime had her Five Lifetimes speech, which was just too sweet…so IchiHime and RenjiRuki it is. :D

*Hitsugaya w/anyone BUT Karin just struck us as odd ever since we watched episode 132. Besides, Momo’s more like his sister, and Rangiku’s like a favorite, fun-loving aunt.

We also like: UraYoru (the ultimate power couple), Kira/Momo, Shinji/Hiyori, Isshin/Masaki, Kaien/Miyako, Byakuya/Hisana, UlquiNel, GrimmSoi, Shunsui/Lisa or Shunsui/Nanao, ShuheiRan or GinRan (we prefer the former as it looks like GinRan ain’t happening T_T), Kon/Ririn, HanaYuzu or Jinta/Yuzu or JintaUru, Chad/Ururu, Chad/Tatsuki or RenjiTatsu or IkkaTatsu (read “brass” by pyrat-xo) or TatsukiXN.E.Body (she goes so well w/practically anyone, even Keigo or Kon, which we’ve actually seen and found okay), and Ukitake/Retsu or…drum roll please…UnoKen! That last is our absolute favorite crack pairing ('cuz HitsuKarin is SO in-our-heads-canon). Yay! Moving on…

Naruto Faves: NaruHina, SasuSaku, ShikaTem, Asuma/Kurenai, Minato/Kushina, Jiraiya/Tsunade, OCsXEveryone Else (You’ll probably never see any of these, however. Sorry, they got out of hand and have their own universe in our heads now, vaguely based on the Naruto universe.)

*We are not willing to compromise on these. Especially NaruHina. They belong together, and that’s final. NaruHina fans unite!

Other Faves:

One Piece: SaNa, Zoro/Tashigi, Frobin, UsoKaya

Katekyo Hitman Reborn: 1896 (Hibari/Chrome, for the uninitiated), 27K (Tsuna/Kyoko), 5986 (GokuHaru), 8086 (YamaHaru), D88 (Dino/Bianchi) LamPin, and Lal/Colonello.

Skip Beat!: Ren/Kyoko

Vampire Knight: Zero/Yuki

Bakuman: NiizumaEiji/IwaseAiko, Shujin/Kaya, Mashiro/Miho, Hiramaru/Aoki, Fukuda/Aoki

Nurarihyon no Mago: Rikuo/Yuura (despite the fact that this has, like, zip chances of happening. but when has THAT ever stopped us? :P)

Hunger Games: Peeta/Katniss, Gale/Madge, Rory/Prim


Quotes We Live By (or Just Love):

"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." --Albert Einstein

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview to life's coming attractions." --Albert Einstein

"To live is so startling that it leaves little time for anything else." --Emily Dickinson

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they go by." --Douglas Adams

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